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Christopher Walrath


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by , 11-22-2008 at 07:54 PM (1797 Views)
How many times do we fear other's opinions and allow that to hamper our creativity?

Now I live in lower slower Delaware and for those of you who don't know, well, we have, well, um . . . FLAT! No mountains, no fast water, no endless prairies, no wild surf on our beaches (the very few without condos), no wide rivers (only creeks with self esteem issues), just wall to wall flat. FLAT! Hence, not many photographers are tripping over their predecessors to pile into our lovely little state to exist in a state of zen with nature and humanity.

Sure, we have our own photographers, Kevin Fleming, Christopher Walrath, to name a couple. The reality of it is I named only one. I don't have a book. He has four, his hewest 'Wild Delaware' just released. But there is a lot of prime wilderness areas around just waiting for the working end of a camera.

I am sure this is the way it is in your nick of the woods. So this next statement should sound familiar to you as well. If I make this photograph someone will see it and say that I'm just trying to mimic <insert other, more famous photographer's name here>. So we choose not to conform and to find another subject that is our own personal vision. Now I think a lot of people misinterpret personal vision. Personal does not equate to SINGULAR. Just because someone has made a photograph similar to the one you are presently contemplating does not mean that it is not YOUR OWN vision, seperate from ALL others.

Train yourself to see things through your own eyes so that you can rule out the possible criticism of others. When you eliminate thoughts of what others might think of your expression it opens up your creative horizons to a place where you can explore your creativity unhindered.


  1. Markok765's Avatar
    Hmm. I sometimes miss out on photos because I think 'this has been done a million times before.'



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