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Christopher Walrath

Chris's Photographic Rule Number 8

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by , 12-04-2008 at 07:36 PM (1746 Views)
To not run the risk of giving this one away I will post the rule in the middle of this blog.

I was trying to come up with a cover image for the January issue of Creative Image Maker. We turn one on January 15th so I wanted a photograph with a single candle lit. SO on the way home I purchase a small pack of birthday candles from the pharmacy in town. I get home and set up in my darkroom which doubles as the downstairs half bath, pungent at all hours. I lean my california edition of EW's 'Daybooks' against the wall on top of the hopper tank. I drape a black t shirt over the book and drape it down over the tank lid. I then light a cande and drip some wax on a flattish area to give the candle a leg to stand on. Success. I then bring in the tripod and the 4x5. I compose the image with the door closed and the light off. Meters too low so I add a stationery flood in front on the right. OK. f/11 for about 2 seconds. I bring in the Polaroid 545 holder and load in the P/N 55. I reset the shutter. Pull the envelope. Turn off the light, light the candle and trip the shutter.
After blowing out the candle I flip the lever to 'P' and pull out with a hearty 'A. P. U. G.' and count to twenty five Mississippi's and peel apart. Beautiful for two year expired 55 film. But after rinsing the neg I wanna try a slightly different compostion. Reload. Turn out light. light candle. Pop!
This one looks great. I'm rinsing the neg and just about done when I hear this odd 'whuff-whuff-whuff' behind the camera by the wall

Chris's Photographic Rule Number 8.


Yuo, one blow put out the T-shirt. Folded that down. Closed the door, turned on the fan. Stopped dropped and rolled to keep from breathing in too many fumes (in my darkroom, yeah right). A minute later, I grab the tshirt, rolled up, and head outside for a slice of Marlboro fresh air. My kid's ask what I'm cooking? It smeels terrible. My response? Creativity.

Dad, your a dork!

Oh, and there are some slight charring marks on the cover of a book produced by an eccentric photographer by another photographer who apparently has his own eccentric side as well. I guess I'm in good company after all.

Thank you.

Updated 12-05-2008 at 08:02 AM by Christopher Walrath



  1. JBrunner's Avatar
    Edward would be proud.
  2. papagene's Avatar
    Chris... Thanks for the smile!

  3. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    But of course, gents. Come on. I'm buyin'.
  4. KenS's Avatar
    A camera user who claims to have never 'screwed-up', or to never having made a mistake is either a liar or has never actually depressed the shutter with film loaded IN the camera.

  5. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    To err is film. To really foul things up you need a computer based camera.
  6. Ralph Javins's Avatar
    Thanks, Chris;

    I have always enjoyed your writing. Nice photograph of the kids, too.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins



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