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Christopher Walrath

Stupid G. A. S., waiting on a pinhole and printing put on hold

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by , 03-29-2009 at 12:06 PM (994 Views)
Well. Just when I though the G. A. S. had subsided. I was bemoaning the loss of my XG-M to a friend who was getting into photography (I, over the years have been generous ot a fault). I have hooked about eight friends up over the years with 35mm Minolta setups, all sr-T's or XD/XG's. So I am fondly remembering my first camera, XG-M. And I really have been missing it lately. Don't worry, I know precisely where it is and I might even try and swap my new XG-1 for it. Yeah, I did it again. Last night I placed about twenty items on 'I am watching' on ebay and narrowed it down to an XG-1 with a 45mm f/2 attached, a 28mm f/2.5, an 80-200 zoom and a 2x doubler. Well, during my bout with G. A. S. something got refunded and I had $99.95 on my Paypal balance. I was going to just pay for this stuff but when I saw that I used it. I now have, like, a $0.20 Paypal balance. That just worked out. Wait until Faith sees that. 'Another????????'

And I am dying to be able to announce the April Pinhole issue for CiM. David has not had an opportunity to post it to Lulu yet. I am anxious because I am proud of it and want everyone to see it and enjoy it.

And Faith is sleeping off some Fibromyalgia today so my printing debut has been put on hold. There is more room here in the upstairs privy than the downstairs half bath and I cannot quite justify making her travel downstairs in pain if the need arises. So, I'll try again another time. Not today.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the intraverts stare at their own shoes and the extraverts stare at your shoes.





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