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Christopher Walrath

First Day of Printing a Success!

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by , 04-30-2009 at 05:53 PM (3930 Views)
Well, I started out about 11:30 here in Delaware, yeah, I played hooky. About twenty minutes of setup and such into it I discovered I wasn't using the grain focuser properly and ditched it to move on. I'll learn how to use it later.

OK. Lucky Fujimoto 60M enlarger, Gra-Lab Timer, red safelight, slightly expired Ilford Warmtone RC 8x10 paper, Arista Paper Developer (1:9), Kodak Indicator Stop Bath (1:63) and Kodafix fixer (1:7). The makings of destiny. I'm sorry, feeling bombastic.

I select a light mannered negative of my niece on a swing, taken on July 10, 2006 on her third birthday. Opened lens up to f/2.8 to focus it. Ran a test page (32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1, 1) and decided on 16 seconds exposure. Developer for two minutes. Stop for 15-30 seconds. Fix for minute and a half. Then out to the kitchen where I had set up a big 16x20 tray cocked up to drain into the kitchen sink, tap running very slowly for rinse. It looked good but I wanted it darker. Tried 32 seconds. Oops. I know. Wrong way. Test number three for eight seconds and that was a tad light. Test four for 12 seconds. I liked it so much I ran off four more for family.

Then I selected a photograph I made six years ago, promo shots for my former roommate's band. First print was a little light. Second print was perfect at sixteen seconds.

Then I decided to tackle Water #1 from May 2006. First print for twelve seconds was awfully light. Second print at 20 seconds looked good but the top of the print was still a little light. Third exposure at 35 seconds. Bottom of print turned out right but the bottom was a little low. So I exposed the fourth print for 35 seconds, dodging the bottom portion for 15 seconds giving it only 20 seconds. Looks kinda nice.

So that was my first day of printing. Fifteen prints drying in the folded Shamwow's (necessity is the father of invention) and only five junkers. 75% good. Seven looking GREAT! I loved it. Five hours! I'm famished. Later.

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  1. mjs's Avatar
    The makings of destiny.

    That should be "The makings of density"!

    Sorry, couldn't resist. It gets addictive, doesn't it?

  2. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    I like that, Mike. 'The makings of destiny, oh, I mean, density.' - George McFly, kinda.

    Anyway, we have lessons learned.
    1. Shamwows absorb the water after washing but do not remove it from the surface of the print. However ten minutes in front of a fan running low rev dried them out. Just that quick.

    2. Be slow and methodical. I opened the bag of paper whilst in the midst of a mewber. Left the enlarger lit. Slight exposure marks in the corners and only two sheets left in the box. lucked out on that one.

    3. Learn how to use the grain enlarger. The prints look good but I know that upon further inspection the focus will still be off.

    That's it for now.



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