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Christopher Walrath

Anticipation of a morning of ME time.

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by , 09-05-2009 at 02:53 PM (1301 Views)
Well, school starts for the kids next Tuesday. And that means one thing.

In about two weeks I'm gonna be sick as a dog.

Happens every year. Over a thousand children assemble after a summer-long seperation and get ready for share time. Hitting each other playfully, saying things forcefully (spitting), rubbing noses before opening doors, you name it. And my two wonderful and lovely children, the young one for whom I have selflessly sacrificed myself so that they could have a wonderful life, those two beacons of joy are gonna bring home the death of me. Kinda one-sided if you ask me. ;p

So, I check out the weather forecast and find that it is going to get down to 62F Sunday night and only up to 76 on Monday so I think Monday morning is the perfect time for an early morning jaunt around the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge with my gadget bag. Haven't really taken that many pictures this summer. And with the postcard exchange and all coming up and having purchased a new scanner so that I can upload new work for the first time in a couple of years, it's high time I get back out there, trapsing through God's beautiful landscape and opening the shutter of my heart with the aperture of my mind and making some golden hour magic. The golden hour I seldom greet without four cups of java or a sleepless night.

See, I fancy myself a morning person. I just have to make the effort and I seldom do. I either have to be on vacation or camping in order to move myself of my own will at the other 6 o'clock of the day.

But I'm going out. I am going to make some beautiful foggy photographs, I am going to process the negs and then I am going to make a killer print that would earn a clap on the back from dear old Ansel. I doubt anyone will be there to meet me but I am going to show up about 6:15 and wait for the gates to open. Catch the low light fog in action (note to self: been a while, pack the tripod) as the sunlight beams through the trees. I might even take a roll of Portra with me. Haven't shot any color in over three years but this might be the time to allow Happy Harry's Discount Drugs (wonder why he's happy?) butcher some of my film. Or maybe I'll stick to my handy-dandy monochrome film. I'll be travelling light so I'll have my XG-1's on me. No MF or LF on this trip.

Well, I'll leave the rest to God and find out what he has in store for me then.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the intraverts stare through their own viewfinder and the extraverts stare through yours. I'm Chris Walrath.


  1. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    Oh, and that was three weeks and ever since. Holy WOW! Whatta month.



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