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Christopher Walrath

Photography, Life, Boredom and Rant

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by , 08-08-2009 at 12:54 PM (1129 Views)
I was reading hoffy's post regarding long term photography projects and it got me to thinking.

I have printed in two months. I haven't processed any film in as long. I haven't made many photographs in the last month or so. And yesterday was the first time in months when a camera did not accompany on my trip to work. CiM is kind of stalling right now as there is nothing to put in the September issue. And I have lost the urge to chase down material for publishing.

In short, I have lost my photographic desire. I do not presently find it worth the while to drag out the enlarging kit and set it up. I want to do it but when the time comes I easily find a reason not to. Same for processing. I carry the camera with me daily out of a self-assigned duty. Photographically I am going through the motions.

It's summertime. Time for kids and family and barbeque and trips and humungous thunderstorms and brown grass and deciding when to take my vacation from work and on and on and on. I normally am somewhat laid back photographically in the summertime because I react adversly to heat.

Now, don't fear. I know I will make photographs again one day, sooner or later. (Even that was said half from a feeling of obligation so scratch that). The only problem is that, other than working, spending time with my family, surfing the net and photography I don't do much else. Well, the net has been getting boring and photography is dead for me right now. I'm not at work and we are watching the movie where the Muppets go to Oz. So.

I am bored out of my stinking gourd! I want to do something but I don't feel like doing anything. I hate it when I get to be like this. I don't even want to finish this pointless rant. I guess it's just to get my feelings down on silicon. And the Muppets and a catnap are winning.

So I might not be around for a while. I just need a complete break from photography. I will keep an eye out for stuff for CiM because that is a commitment but if nothing comes in there won't be anything for an issue. Because I wrote a couple of pieces for July and the whole show for August and there is just nothing left in me for it right now.

I know, we all go through this and I have advised others in their time of gloom. So I am going to take my advice. I am going to put down the camera. You know what, just let it sit. The more I want to use and and don't use it the more it depresses me. So forget about it. Let it sit in the corner in its bag where the dust won't get into it and the sun is not on it. Let the exposed film sit in its bag where I'll get to it eventually. Let the enlarger and the folder of neg sheets sit and wait to be contact printed whenever I feel like getting around to it. If I feel like getting around to it.

I dunno.

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  1. keithwms's Avatar
    Don't despair, this is part and parcel of any creative process.

    Consider what would happen if you tried to shoot through a period when you don't have fresh, creative ideas.... That can be very frustrating, no?

    Consider also the flip side of your malady: photographer-automatons don't have this problem. They simply record everything that goes by and are equally impressed by all of it.

    Why not just leave it for a time. Leave it just as you would leave your home when you go on vacation. And be confident that you will return home soon enough.

    P.S. Recently I blogged here about an experience in search of "freshness"... you might have a look, it might ring a bell.
  2. Valerie's Avatar
    We have all been there.... learning to accept that it is simply part of the process is key. I found fighting these fallow times to be counterproductive. Even the earth takes time off (winter) to rest and renew... and spring is so spectacular.
  3. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    I made the decision to step away for a while due to lack of freshness. And as a result I have been carrying my Zeiss 35mm RF with me. No pics, but I have it. I have rediscovered an old hobby, astronomy.
  4. viridari's Avatar
    CiM stalling? OK you've at least got a photo to publish now.

    I'm sort of a newbie. It's hard for me to write on any authoritative level to this audience. But I'm a prolific photographer.



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