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Christopher Walrath

Revisiting My Intro Thread After Four Years (subtitled: E-Time Capsule)

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by , 10-09-2009 at 10:39 PM (1279 Views)
I thought it would be neat to find my intro thread from 2006. Found it on page 39. Its really cool revisiting your old goals and beginnings to see where you are compared to where you wanted to be. I actually think I hit it pretty close.

Flash19901 (my handle back then)

Well, I have been a photographer from birth (born with a chrome SRT in my mouth). I only really seriously picked up a camera about thirteen years ago. I have been hooked ever since. I have numerous cameras, varying in format and age and operational condition, but I am a 35mm man. My weapon of choice is my Minolta XG-M of which I have two working bodies and a third for parts, a winder, three fixed focal length lenses (28, 50 (twice) and a 400), two zooms which do the lion's share of the work (28-70, 70-210), two tele converters, tripod, cable and air release, filters, adapter rings and so on and so forth.
As to my particular brand of photogrpahy, I have always taken what interested me. Landscapes, weddings, astronomy (with litttle success), flora, the usual smattering. About five years ago I really came seriuos. I joined my mother's wedding photography business A Moment In Time in Milford, Delaware and helped for about two years. During this time I enrolled with the NYIP. The I got married in 04, read Ansel Adams' series the Camera, Negative and Print and never looked back. Now I am working on a few things. Trying to document my hometown of Milton, De. in images. Working in B&W mostly, including a love/hate relationship I have held for a couple of years now with contrasty imagery ala Edward Weston, shapes and lines with great exposure range between the highlights and shadows. I am going crazy and wish I had done this before. i love photogrpahy. I have taught myself a lot on the technical side to go with my eye. I am always looking to learn more and I am willing to go above and beyond to answer what I can.
In two years I would like to be developing my own B&W and in a couple mroe years after that I want to have my own Darkroom up and running. Feel free to contact me and you will hear from me from time to time. CLICK!

Whiteymorange the clean shaven. The first to greet me to APUG.

Welcome in Flash! Great beginnings. I hope you find lots of kindred spirits here.


Thank you sir. And may the road always rise to meet you.


Greetings from the Northern part of the state. One question - why wait two years to develop your own B&W ? All you need is a patterson (or like) tank, a dark bag, and some chems. Really very simple and MUCH more economical than having your film developed elsewhere.

roteague (Roger Whitaker, hee hee hee)

Welcome Flash, it is always good to have new people come aboard who are interested in traditional methods.


Actually, Steve, I have a tank, a 120 roll and 2 35mm rolls. All I lack is the ambition. You're right. Thank you.

Buster 6x6

Welcome from Southwestern Ontario Canada. You will enjoy your stay, lot of nice people.



Originally Posted by flash19901
Actually, Steve, I have a tank, a 120 roll and 2 35mm rolls. All I lack is the ambition. You're right. Thank you.

Perhaps you need to take a trip up this way and borrow my darkroom for a couple of hours ? It will light a fire under your bottom once you see how your negs print =)


Where should I start, Steve? What should I get to build the darkroom around? What piece of equipment. The enlarger? I need direction and the fire lit under my rump.


Welcome from England Flash! I reckon now you are here on APUG it'll be less than two months and you'll be developing your own bw. I know, it happened to me!

Stoo Batchelor

Hello and welcome, from South East England.


George Losse

Hello and welcome from South Jersey.

Dave Wooten

welcome from Vegas

It seems to me that a few things here strike me as cool and odd. I had completely forgotten that Whitey was the first to greet me. I remembered that Andy was one of the first. As well as Robert and Steve. I can't beleive that, being in the same state and one the size of Delaware at that that we have never met.

Well, it took two years to begin processing my own B&W film as I had hoped. And although a dedicated darkroom is nowhere in the immediate future, I started printing a year later. So, a little ahead of the curve on that one I suppose. I'm still the 35mm man I was then, Minolta, as well, though in a round about way.

So I suppose this will be my measure for the next four years. I would like to exhibit some prints in the next year or so. I also need to get some good stuff scanned for my website which has seen little change in the last year or so. CiM is kind of spinning wheels right now. It needs to reinvigorate itself. Paper would be a good thing by 2012 at the absolute latest if I am still doing it. I want to really get into LF before the end of 2010. That means tax/G.A.S. season if I can fly it by my wife. I hope HC110 and TMY is still around in 2015. Because I love it and can continue to grow with it as long as it is available. And will House still be on the tele? We shall see.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the intraverts look through their own viewfinders and the extraverts look through yours. I'm Chris Walrath.




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