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Christopher Walrath

My New Camera and My New Project

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by , 12-08-2009 at 08:36 PM (1249 Views)
Well, been busy at the store lately. One of our drivers lost it, pointed out that there was a bad attitude that was affecting everyone and that someone had to do something about it and soon. He then promptly walked out of the store, nary to been seen or heard from again and thus solving the problem for us.

Well, in his absence there has been more than ample opportunity for me to grab a delivery that would otherwise have been delivered and hit the road. I traveled to distant Greenwood, Delaware with an order for Allen Bawel down at A&J. On the way back I took the Williamsville Road. Upon entering Williamsburg and with exiting looming presently (one intersection, bait and tackle shop, salvage yard and a few houses) I glimpse the sun shining from the southwest face of Griffith's Chapel. I decide then and there to return when I go to lunch in half an hour with my newly acquired B&J 4x5 Press camera.

I show up. I park in the store parking lot and walk across the barren road to the corner of the chapel lot. I walk around a bit but decide on my vantage point as seen from the road earlier. As I am setting up, a customer of mine rides by and asks what I'm doing? I swivel Bear around (that's his new name) and say 'Making photographs. Whaddya think?", indicating the camera. He says to me that he wants me to come out to his house and make photographs of his house and front yard. I tell him I'll get up with him.

I set up the camera. I meter a few portions of the subject area and settle on EV12.5 (1/50 @ f/8. I make the first exposure, flip the holder and then make a duplicate exposure. While out I discovered my next two subjects. But a project occurred to me as well. I believe that I would like to photograph small rural churches throughout Sussex County. I know, not original, but definitely my cup of tea.

Just sharing.

Christopher Walrath




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