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Christopher Walrath

Digging out, photography and tunneling.

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by , 02-07-2010 at 12:02 PM (1126 Views)
Dateline - Milton, Delaware. Sunday, 7 FEB 2010.

Well, the storm of this decade, or maybe the last one, depends on your school of thought I guess, social or otherwise. Nevermind. I digress.

The East Coast of the US has just come out from under two feet of snow. Here in Milton, Delaware we have received 22" of the blessed white stuff. Maybe more. Haven't heard anything official yet. Just counted what I shovelled as I tried to stay ahead of things.

Truth be told, this storm is all my fault. Yup, I made it happen. We had the Presidents Day storm in 2003 where, in Dover, we got 28" of snow. It occured to me that we get our huge snow every six to seven years. Back in 2003 I was stating that we would probably get our next big snow the first couple fo weeks of February in either 09 or 10. 09 passed without major droppage so I claimed it would be the first or second weekend of Feb 2010. Well, here we are, seven years later, and El Fatador hit the nail dead on the head.

Well, I kept ahead of the encroaching blanket of accumulation by shovelling every hour or two. Whenever I got bored inside I would step out for a shovel and a smoke. About three Saturday afternoon I stepped out after a one hour break to find three new inches. Just that quick. I shovelled it and then shovelled the new inch immediately upon completion of the three. I decided then and there that it was time to retreat to the porch and yield the walk and the carport to God and the snow angels.

And when the snow stopped, the storm was gone. Clouds disappeared within an hour and it got cold. But it was a good day all told.

Sorry, I just now stepped outside for a half hour this morning. I took the 4x5 out and made a couple of (as close as possible) snapshots of the snow piled up along the street and (with the 127mm mounted) small people in the background digging out. I used a red filter to darken the skies. Nope, no dramatic winterscape photography for me. And my daughter came out to join me. I could see she was dying to mess around so I encouraged my 13 year old daughter to climb on through the 24" banks of snow around the carport. She apparently needed no motivation, just permission. Heck, a few swipes of a straw broom along the legs and shoes just like when I was a kid in Ohio took care of tracking snow into the house. Every kid should have snow memories.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the intraverts look through their own viewfinders and the extraverts look through yours. I'm Chris Walrath.




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