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Christopher Walrath

Getting Dug Back In (Bordering on snowbound rant-ola)

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by , 02-10-2010 at 07:13 PM (1155 Views)
DATELINE - Milton, Delaware. Wednesday, 10 FEB 2010

The wind is blowing like nuts. It's colder than forty Hades out there. I worked until 10:30 this morning and then bolted for the homestead. Enough of this infernal white stuff. This past weekend I tried to stay ahead of the snow so there would be less to lift when it was over. This weekend the wind is doing it for me. The snow comes down at about a 75 degree angle of attack and goes thataway. Thankfully.

So, been cruising APUG and eBay and Amazon and Facebook and Stratomatic Sim Leagues at TSN and Pogo (Boggle) and listening to my wife on Project Playlist and my daughter playing twenty questions about her new netbook and my son giving his DS a header trying to get the Spirit Flute to work right. He managed to get past the ocean, finally. And I retreated immediately to the porch this time so I've been in here most of the day. And I says to myself 'Self, (I always call my self Self when I'm talking to myself)" I says "Self, this is what it's all about." Chillin' with the peeps. My wife and I exchanging a flurry of come hithers across the room accompanied by a chorus of hearty "I can't see it! I can't hear it!"'s. Just being Dad and techy geek at the same time, all day long.

I probably will have a snow day tomorrow, at least a snow morning. I will try to get to work. Not holding out much hope though. Don't really wanna go in the first place. The kids get a white-induced week off so I deserve at least one day for my troubles, don't I?

Not a long post this time. Just enough to prove to myself that at least some thought is involved in my surfing today.

From Milton, Delaware, where the introverts stare through their own viewfinders and the extroverts stare through yours. I'm Christopher Walrath.

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