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Christopher Walrath

And Sleep Still Eludes Me.

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by , 09-10-2010 at 11:43 PM (1756 Views)
First blog here in a while. I work in the morning but right now I am just winding things down and wanted to get some ideas down on epaper.

Well, it has been since May 14th since I have done anything photographic other than surf here and go to get a free Beseler 57MT from a fellow PUGer in Phoenixville, PA a month ago. I am not depressed or anything. I just have no desire to print, process or shoot. I did add some new information onto my website at the end of last month.

Work is going well. We saw a huge jump in business in March (about +15%) and have been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since. We're still waiting.

No, I'm tired and I am heading to beddy-bye. I will leave a more detailed blog when there is something to say.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the introverts look through their own viewfinders and the extroverts look through yours, this is Chris Walrath. And this is my blog.


  1. mike c's Avatar
    Christopher,in the work I do ,demolition and street work for June,July and August there was a increase of the amount of work available from last year,hoping that it continues threw to December.Still are skeptical about next year.Would be nice to have both feet on the ground running.Gives more time to photography but being uncertain about the future of my work is unsettling. Just going to have to hang on,and on,and on etc.
  2. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    Eh, I hit the local NWR on the way home Saturday afternoon. Walked the trails for hours in search of the one exposure I made. I truly do love large format photography. I haven't had a non keeper yet.



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