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Christopher Walrath

Chris's Photographic Rule No. 10

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by , 10-05-2010 at 01:37 PM (1975 Views)
Well, so far I have posted four of my photographic rules. I started with No. 6 in the spirit of George Lucas (I know, not number IV but not at the beginning, anyway).

Here's a recap.

Photographic Rule No. 6
I don't do weddings.

Photographic Rule No. 7
If the film hasn't been rewound, it might get fogged if you open the camera back.

Photographic Rule No. 8
Always remember to extinguish your subject.

Photographic Rule No. 9

In all actuality, 6 was never posted, but it was alluded to in the post for Rule No. 7. I digress.

It is now time for rule number 10.

Chris' Photographic Rule No. 10.
Rules are made to be broken.

Yeah, there are the obvious choices for this like, say, the compositional rule of thirds. Then there's the ever-questionable sunny-16 rule. But this rule is in reference to my own rules as mentioned above.

Two years ago on the 18th of this month I retired from wedding photography. (see Rule No. 7) I said I would be the fat relative with a camera getting thirds on the wedding cake. Actually, I gotta watch that. Seconds should be enough form now on. Anywho, my mother calls me this morning. And A Moment In Time Photography rides again. My cousin is getting married on October 31 in NYC and she is doing the photography. If she can get someone to stay with Dad she wants to know if I will come along?

I mull it over and think how I hate being at a friend's or a family member's wedding and not being able to enjoy myself and I think that even going to New York I probably won't have time to enjoy the city at all. So I call her back and tell her I really don't want to. I had retired from wedding photography, after all.

Well, this might be different.The will be no church, the will be no reception. The ceremony will be done on a bridge in Central Park. We will have all morning and early afternoon, the ceremony is at 3:30PM. I don't know if they usher in the party on a conveyor belt and shimmy them out of the way for the next group's arrival. Anyway, wow. Even if I don't feel like lugging Bear around the city I could still take the Minoltas and get some great shots of the Park. I would hijack my wife's xT for the ceremony. I would get to see my cousin after a couple of years. And, after talking with Mom, I think she just doesn't want to go this alone.

Well, rules are made to be broken. So, I have to beg off a weekend from my wife, Mom has to find someone to stay with Dad or the whole thing is problematic anyhow. But, yeah, I would like to do this. No hiding behind a camera for 2+ hours at a reception. No figuring when the DJ is going to do what or trying to stay out of the videographer's way. Might have to mess with some pesky snapshootists in the small gathering but that can be easily dealt with and politely besides.

Yeah, I think I'm gonna do it. Never been to New York City, been around it. Love to stroll through Central Park. This should be a weekend to remember.

From Milton, Delaware. Where the introverts stare through their own viewfinders and the extroverts stare through yours, this is Chris Walrath. And this is my blog.


  1. Thomas Bertilsson's Avatar
    Have fun, Chris.

    But the #1 rule has to be: Photograph what your heart tells you to photograph. Don't try to make sense of it. Just follow desire, dream, and vision.

    - Thomas
  2. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    Oft times I surpass the urge to get out the camera. As it is a 4x5, it makes fast set up rather problematic. But I do set aside time at least once a week for the purpose of phtographing, whether I choiose to ultimately or not. Thanks, Thomas.



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