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Christopher Walrath

Been two years. But I'm back.

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by , 11-26-2013 at 09:36 PM (3449 Views)
Well, I kind of departed suddenly. Without a trace. POOF!, one might say.

I'm sorry I disappeared. I know I don't need to apologize. But I was having a hard time after Faith died. As I mentioned in the last entry I sold all of my camera gear. Just felt the need to remove the 'obligation' I felt to use something I had when I wanted nothing to do with it. And I moved in a different direction, that being getting my family through a tough time.

Well, about mid-August that little part in the back of my head perked and up and screamed 'So what the heck about me? HEY!' So, I bought a camper. That goes behind the 94 Bronco I got. And now I am in the market for a 4x5 setup, as it were. I always hated spooling 35mm film to process so I'm gonna do this right this time around. At least the darkroom gear never sold so all I need there is a good duster.

So, I am here. I am back. And I will be a joyful pain in the sides of you all for many more years to come. Or until they outlaw my use of anything that can reveal the deep dank recesses of my mind to the public. Cruel and Unusual and all that.

From Milton, DE. Where the introverts stare through their own viewfinders and the extroverts stare through yours, this is ChrisW and this is my blog.


  1. Mustafa Umut Sarac's Avatar
    Welcome Christopher , hard times indeed and We felt your pain. I wish You settled little bit and APUG is your family also.

    Take care,

  2. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    I have settled, Umut. I got myself straightened around and last week I picked up my copy of Ansel Adams' autobiography. After a few chapters, I realized that it was more than overdue I get back into being a shutterbug. Glad I'm back and thank you.
  3. JLP's Avatar
    Welcome back Christopher. Umut said it well, it is good that you can breathe and see the light again.
  4. mopar_guy's Avatar
    It is nice that you are posting here again. Working through grief is a life long process. This time of year was always my mother's favorite, and I always think of her even though she passed away 26 years ago. We carry around those little pieces of our loved ones in our hearts.

  5. jnanian's Avatar
    hi chris

    great to see you back !
    im glad things are better now
    and i hope they stay good

  6. walbergb's Avatar
    May the shutter always be with you Welcome back Chris.
  7. Silver Halide / Zone's Avatar
    Hi Chris

    Sorry to hear of your loss. Like yourself I've gone through two losses recently. As well my photo stuff did take a back seat for a few years. I started getting things ramped up about 6 mon6ths ago. In that process I realized that I had way to much gear, and would like to find a deserving home for it. All of my 35mm gear (cameras, lens, accessories) are Nikon. If your interested I could send you a list of what I'd like to liquidate.

    In the meanwhile life goes on, take care of yourself.

    Best regards

  8. Dave Wooten's Avatar
    Hey! Hey! Hey! Hear! Hear! Hear! Welcome back Chris and all the best!
  9. benjiboy's Avatar
    A sincere welcome back Chris, it's hard to know what to say I'm so sorry about your loss but hope your photography will help you to overcome your grief to some extent, and that of the rest of your loved ones will help to support each other to overcome yours and theirs.
  10. Valerie's Avatar
    Welcome back Chris... its good to see you here again!



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