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Giving this blog thing a try

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by , 09-23-2008 at 08:23 AM (2422 Views)
I suppose there are a lot of things I could say in this blog, but considering I've never done it, I'll just tell what happened on a shoot last Friday evening.

A friend of mine (a fellow LF shooter) and I went to the balloon glow at Forest Park in St. Louis. The glow occurs the night before the Great Forest Park Balloon Race.

He and I were both shooting 4x5. I am proud to say that I was able to backpack my camera gear with relative ease. I am not a backpacking sort of person.

We walked through the crowd to get as close as we could to the balloons since the only zoom is our feet. We walked past a line of photographers with their 35 mm digital cameras on a tripod. It was a literal tripod forest.

We found a spot to set up and began shooting over the course of the next hour and a half. Now, there's nothing remarkable about that, however, the size and strange appearance of the cameras attracts attention. Even though I was limited to 20 images, I did not manage to shoot them all throughout the course of the evening. I spent a lot of time talking about the camera with people who came up and were asking questions about them. Okay, we both did, but I'm the one writing this.

There was even one person who asked me about my camera, "Is this a Hasselblad?" I wanted to bust out laughing, but I did not. I merely said no, and he shortly left.

This year was the first year that there were to be fireworks after the glow. I thought it would be neat to shoot fireworks with LF. So, I am currently waiting for the images to be developed. I hope I got some nice images.


  1. Drew B.'s Avatar
    I'm wondering if any of those digital shooters were from the press...and you might have your image in some local paper as "these two strange LF photographers who came out of the woodwork!" If you find one...get the web site for that paper so we all can see it....
  2. Vincent Brady's Avatar
    The point of your blog seems to me to be about you and your mate having "bigger ones" than anybody else. Is that what photography has become? who has the biggest one. Sad.

  3. Alex Hawley's Avatar
    "Is this a Hasselblad?"

    The perennial question. There's always one in every crowd. That being said, there's nothing like a large format camera to bring out people's curiosity.
  4. colrehogan's Avatar
    No Tex, I did not mean for the description to come out that we had bigger gear than others. It was merely a statement of what we were using and how the public reacted to it.
  5. Joe Grodis's Avatar
    Hmmmmm... I had a couple people confuse my Chrome Bronica ETR and S to a Hassy but never my LF. Go Figure.



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