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  1. Richard Wasserman's Avatar
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    Welcome to the wonderful world of B&W photography! I don't know how old you are, but I set up my first darkroom when I was 12 in a spare closet in the basement.

    To answer your question, you don't need stop bath for film. I simply fill the developing tank with plain water, agitate it a few times, drain, and repeat a second time. Then fix.

    I suggest too that you will get more answers if you post your questions in the forums rather than in a blog. Good luck with your darkroom.

  2. two40's Avatar
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    Best wishes to you as well.

    APUG is indeed addictive.
  3. jd callow's Avatar
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    You'll recieve far more help if you post this in the 'Darkroom Equipment' section of the forum.
  4. two40's Avatar
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    Well spotted, thanks. I'm not going to bring it up with them since they issue new ones every 3 months and we all know how quickly time likes to tick.

    Domenico, just do it then.
  5. Shangheye's Avatar
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    Great effort. Well done. I noticed that the termination date of the letter is not quite correct...should it not read 2009? Not that important, since the idea is wonderful. k
  6. Domenico Foschi's Avatar
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    This is just great.
    Makes me want to make it as well.
    Who knows.
  7. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
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    I'm enjoying this as well. I would like to see our opinions as we progress through the Pulitzer Prize winning body of work.
  8. Suzie Place's Avatar
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    Recently I got a:

    Canon T50 w 1.8 lens for $17. Broken.
    Hollywood Cadet tripod $5.
    SLIK Universal U-102 tripod $6.
    Mahogany tripod $2.
    Tungsten lamp w 150watt bulb $1.
    Canon Sureshot SD 500, no card w charger $10.
    Epson Perfection 3200 scanner without film rack, charger or software for $15
    Minolta Auto200X flash w case $4.
    Promatic FTD 4000 flash $4 in box, corroded.
    Pentax A3000 ready to go with batteries $14.
    Minolta Freedom Dual compact 25cents.
    Canon Shure Shot broken $3.
    SV Kenlock 200 SQ tripod $6.
    Pentax camera bag 25 cents.
    Sears Auto 35 $4

    And the piece de resistance, a Canon AF35ML w case for $10. One of the guys on this blog called the AF35ML a "future classic". It "has the fastest lens of any automatic compact camera ever". It has all the convenience of a Canon Sure Shot with the big lens of a Canonet. It is light and compact. I think the AF35ML gets put in the junker bins because they are dark and not as brilliant looking as the older cameras. I put normal batteries in and it functions well so far. The integral flash should make my life easier, because I'm getting tired of lugging around a lot of gear.

    I almost bought a new DSLR yesterday. It took me about a day to figure out that it only had a lens the size of my Canon Sure Shot. I told the clerk, "I need at least a 1.7 lens." She replied, "A lens that size will cost you thousands." I said: "I've got a bunch of old cameras for less than $20 with even bigger lenses." Sometimes I don't know just what kind of consumer I really am.

    Updated 12-14-2008 at 07:48 PM by Suzie Place
  9. Ralph Javins's Avatar
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    Thanks, Chris;

    I have always enjoyed your writing. Nice photograph of the kids, too.

    Enjoy; Ralph Javins
  10. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
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    To err is film. To really foul things up you need a computer based camera.



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