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  1. David William White's Avatar
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    Pat on the back from me, your loan might just do the trick. But...why do you have your enlarger at the store?
  2. jnanian's Avatar
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    a lot of galleries and collectors care ... they would rather have something that is known to have archival properties
    than a RC print. i say this, knowing even that Digital C Prints ( light jet ) which are one of the few non-ink ways
    of getting a color image printed, are on something like RC paper .. maybe not exactly the same but close ...
    color papers are said to last about 75 years ....
    i think if you like printing on rc you should and maybe make a fiber back up once in a while.
    after a while you might like printing fiber as much or better than rc. but do what YOU want ...
    some say that RC papers if processed correctly are as archival as fiber prints, who knows if they are or not ..

    i know what you mean about ease of use.
    i have printed on fiber for 25-30 years. during that time for about a year
    i printed pr photos day after day after day for almost a year for a portrait photographer.
    fiber prints once in a while for commissioned work .. but for bread/butter it was all rc.
    these days have started printing on rc paper and enjoying it ( making prints for family mostly )
    and i have been wondering why after all these years i didn't do it more often

  3. Thomas Bertilsson's Avatar
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    Congratulations, Scott! Well deserved.
  4. geneacom's Avatar
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    OK, I understand ...
  5. TheFlyingCamera's Avatar
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    Yes it is, but you would need to attach some kind of margin to your negative, or punch holes in it. I also don't like the idea of making holes in my paper, as I like to use the entire sheet, including the edges, as part of my image.
  6. geneacom's Avatar
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    Is it not possible to use register pins like in the lithographic business?
  7. David A. Goldfarb's Avatar
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    Good going, Sean, sounds like a sensible move, but why is the font in the responses to this blog like Zone IX on Zone X?
  8. traveller's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by keithwms
    Thanks John, I'll get it for sure!
    First impressions

    Hopefully my copy will arrive next week

  9. papagene's Avatar
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    Good work Sean. I think it was a good decision for you to make. Let's hope that this will make your life a lot easier and maybe be able to get out and take some photos!

  10. DanielStone's Avatar
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    who was it that said "a great general knows how to delegate?"

    same thing here. delegating some responsibility helps to make everyone's life(well, yours Sean in this case ) easier in the long run.

    and hopefully to make this forum even better!

    thanks for the update!




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