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A touch of history

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by , 02-02-2008 at 09:13 AM (870 Views)
How did it happen that I am about to buy a camera from 1935. In this age of digital everything, why do I even consider a camera that old. The camera that I am looking at is an old danish design. It is a NORKA (Nordisk Kamerafabrik) multi camera. It will let me take multiple pictures on the same sheet of paper or plate (see picture). As the seller puts it the camera is supposed to work but might need some TLC. This makes me wonder if it will set my 20x24" camera project back or if it be a further inspiration.

Sometimes I wonder how other people find time to take pictures, if they have a family that they want to spend time with. Beside the pictures of my family I have only been able to take some night shots for some time now. It seems that the night is the only time I can find time to do some real photography. How do You find the time ?

In a thread in the panoramic camera forum a fellow APUG´er writes that he is looking for a 6x17 camera that he can measure. I wrote to him if he would consider participating in making an open source 6x17 camera design. When I was searching the net for 20x24" cameras I found many other formats where drawings are awailable. But it seems that there is no open source camera central. I was thinking about asking the managers of APUG if they would host a collection of open source camera design. Is this of interest to anybody but me ?
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