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Material - traditional or modern

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by , 01-18-2008 at 10:45 AM (790 Views)
Today I spent the day looking at a factory where they manufacture items in composit materials. They make all kind of things, from bikes to boats. I got some small samples. They are made from materials like carbonfiber, Kevlar friber, glassfiber. Some made with a core from a different material.

I got a ton of litterature to study. There are so many variations to consider if I want to go this route with my camera.

On the other hand. I have wood from a 60 year old Elm tree that we had in our garden. It looks very beatifull when sanded down and oiled. I am doing a test with a piece of the elmwood. I am sanding it down to a fine finish and giving it some boat laquer. If this turns out nicer than I expected, this might be the way I will build the camera.

I am sure that I dont want to make a hybrid camera that will combine modern and traditional materials.

What is Your opinion on this matter ?




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