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Turning to 3D

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by , 01-22-2008 at 04:42 AM (806 Views)
Yesterday I had help from a savy 3D CAD teacher. With his help, we have turned some of my ideas into 3D drawings. It is an interesting process. I feel that I have e good spacial feel for how things look and work, but seeing something in 3D on a monitor is very different. We set off to just get something into 3D and not look at if it will work or not. We had to start somewhere and we decided to start with a contact printing frame. The software package he uses allows for making cuts between to pieces and finding their common area. The contact printing frame I have envisioned is like most frames, but with the rear openings made as 4 corners, that can turn out from each other. This will allow for opening one corner at a time. The knobs that is used to turn out will double as stands for the entire frame. With all the small details in place on the frame and back we have now sent it to have test 3D print of it. The way he made the file for printing will allow for minimal assembly and will come most pre assembled due to the fact that modern 3D printers are accurate enough to print even moving parts. In about a week or so I will have my contact printing frame and will post some pictures of it here. I also have to find out how to post some pictures of the 3D drawings.
Next up we started working on the fronts side to side and up/down movements. When he had completed the transformation from my hand sketches to 3D I realized that I had forgotten the rotation of the front. Minor problem, but still one that has to be solved. Being the computerguy that he is, he dubbed the front version ß0.1.
After this we started working on the back of the camera. I have envisioned a back that can can be as modular as I want. It will consist of a part where the bellows will attach. This part is the one that is mounted to the camera base. To this rear part I can attach any kind of filmholder, ground glass or whatever. I have deviced a way for attaching these back-backs with ease. We tried to turn my ideas into 3D, but with less success. It needs some more work.
This was all we could do in our limited time, but it was a great start for me. Now I can continue my work and soon we can modify the things we have drawn so far. For me it is back to my pen and paper and checking the mailbox every day for my contact printing frame.




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