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Developing pains

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by , 07-08-2008 at 04:44 PM (1485 Views)
My plan was to develop 12 sheets of 4x5 film with great shots (naturally ). Looking back at my day it was probably not the best decision I made. I have been home most of the day due to my boy being sick. We went to the doctor and found out he had pneumonia. On the way home we picked up our 4 year old girl. When we came home her temperature went up and she got sick too. Tucked them in bed. That was when I decided to use some time to develop som film. Maybe I should just have turned on the telly and watched something. Anyway I got all my chems out and prepped the bathroom for some darkroom time. Now I prepared the chems and some how I confused the fixer with the developer. That was how I ruined the first 6 sheets. Now on to the next 6 sheets. After loading them into the holder and putting the lid on. I checked the chems and I used the developer first. Everything went smooth until I saw the result. I overdevelop about one minute in order to have film more suited for alt. processes. For some reason the films were almost pitch black. There is only a hint of anything on them. I will try to use the, but I am almost certain they are unuseable. Anyway after saying a lot of not very nice words, my wife said "Well this gives You the oppertunity to make the pictures even better". She is right and I do have more fun taking the pictures than developing them. So now I will load a new box of Ilford FP4+ in the holders. Then off to bed to dream of all the nice pictures I will take tomorrow.




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