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My future camera

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by , 01-12-2008 at 10:00 AM (1032 Views)
After I made an 8x10" portrait camera as an exam project, I got the urge to make another camera. After looking around I have decided on building a 20x24" ULF camera. My initalt thought was "just" to build a classic wooden camera along the lines of so many others. After looking a litteraly hundreds of webpages on building LF and ULF cameras, I decided to build one that will be my very own. A camera where I can "re-invent the wheel" if I want to.

After making the initial decision I started out in a real analog way. I went to the art supply to pick up a nice notebook and a pen (analog inkjet printer) just for this project.. In my little black book, I have begun to write ideas, thoughts and draw details.

One of the things I wrote down was what I want to do with the camera when it is done. I want to both use it in a studio, but the camera should also be so portable that I can take it on a field trip.

Another thing I wrote down was what kind of output I want to have. Naturally I want to do negatives on standard film, but I also want to be able to shoot Polaroid 20x24" and maybe some kind of plates wet or dry.

I have now set out on a quest to find out all the little things. After some internet research I have found out that there are no standards to adhere to. This make it both easier and harder. Easier because I can do whatever I want, but harder because standards make it easier exchanging parts between excisting cameras.




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