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Another analog photographer is gone

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by , 08-20-2008 at 03:44 AM (3086 Views)
A photographer that I have worked with has dropped analog completely. I know that this is not news in any way, since everyone is going digital. Most of the photographers I know only have their analog cameras stading somewhere as a museum piece. What was special about this photographer was that he insisted on shooting analog for his clients. It was interesting to see his clients look at polaroids in this digital age. The reason he gives for stopping with shooting analog is that there is no more Polaroids around. We sat down and planned his new digital setup, and during this he realized that he would loose some of his earnings when going digital. He used to charge clients for every polaroid and sheet film and development and printing. With the new setup he could only charge for printing. His clients seemed to like that he was "old fashioned" and did not mind paying for all of those things. After talking it through we decided that he should still work more analog with his new digital setup. We setup a workflow that automatically prints a 10x15 cm postcard size picture of all pictures he takes. Kind of Polaroids in the digital age. He also decided that he would only shoot with his 4x5 Sinar camera. He said that his clients could relate to him taking his time with a camera that complicated. That way he could better charge client for the time he uses. I have seen him work with his 4x5 Sinar and he works as fast as many do with their Canon or Nikons. I am sure he will succed in being digitanalog or whatever it should be called.


  1. Jeremy's Avatar
    Many of the commercial shooters I know charge a "digital imaging" fee which covers the depreciation of the expensive equipment, the training associated with keeping abreast of current technology, and also there's a post-processing fee because every digital file has to be processed. Just some thoughts.
  2. 2F/2F's Avatar
    "I have seen him work with his 4x5 Sinar and he works as fast as many do with their Canon or Nikons."

    Who are these "many"? They must be incompetent!
  3. PHOTOTONE's Avatar
    Gosh that sounded like me, except that I am still going with my Sinar in the studio shooting and processing my 4x5 color transparencies. I switched to Fuji 4x5 color instant film (FP-100C45) and all of a sudden my "tests" got a whole lot better. That Fuji is great instant film. Anybody that would "quit" just because one of two instant film vendors closed up I think really wanted to go to digital anyway.
  4. Falkenberg's Avatar
    I will pass on Your comment to him.

    As for the the speed. He is lightning fast on his Sinar. I have tried to learn what he is doing, but he is too fast. And anybody can shoot from the hip with a digital Nikon or Canon, but that is not what I am writing about. I am writing about photographers that want to get the best possible image directly out of the camera. In order to spend less time in PhotoShop.
  5. 2F/2F's Avatar
    I hope you didn't take it the wrong way. I was saying that the 35mm shooters who shoot slower than with a Sinar must be out of shape, no matter what the environment.
  6. gainer's Avatar
    I thought you meant he had passed away. I was all set to pray for his soul. Perhaps I still should.
  7. Falkenberg's Avatar
    Well I pray for him every day ;-)
  8. EASmithV's Avatar
    I would probably be slower using my Nikon F, because I am sometimes anal about metering every shot, no matter if the weather has changed or not. In a studio, with controlled lighting, if metering is not a problem for him, he can get to it pretty fast.
  9. Markok765's Avatar
    I know a pro that uses polaroids to check exposure/lighting for studio photos, and he just uses the Fujifilm version.



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