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Keeping up with digital shooters- part three

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by , 10-09-2009 at 10:45 AM (1500 Views)
The next time I met up with my digital shooters...

First let me say that no fish were harmed in the making of these pictures. Two of them are living happily at my sister's house and one is at my house. One has the curious habit of floating on his side. Once you get his attention he acts normal. Weird huh?

Dan's result:

My attempt:

At this point, I was still limited by my camera's excessive size for sharing a composition. Also, I kept using BW film so I'd have the ISO400 that the setup was lit for. The awkward cropping is due to the edge of the background creeping into my frame. I also didn't refocus between shots. We only had three fishbowls so the attempts were limited. I didn't realize how much the subject was moving around between attempts. This explains the bad focus and background alignment. The next meeting was a good one. I'll post that soon...


  1. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    Looking forward to it. Thank you for subscribing to APUG. I hope you enjoy the site a bit as much as I have. It will then be worth it.



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