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Keeping up with Digital - Part 4

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by , 10-14-2009 at 11:49 AM (1225 Views)
Now that I've figured out that you can push slide film two stops effectively, I can (somewhat) keep up with the digital shooters in the studio. VS100 can be shot as ISO 400. When I scanned the negative, I left the white balance setting "as-shot". Comparing the screen shot to the film, the colors look about right.

Dan's digital version:

Shot at ISO 400

My attempt with film:

I'm still getting some blues where Dan's digital shot got clean white. I don't mind that but I would like to figure out how to get things a little cleaner.

The setup involved 4 nikon speedlights. They were set at 1/128th power because that provides a flash duration of about 1/40,000 of a second. The audio trigger was set off by the .22 pistol that we shot the bulb with. The .22 rounds are primer only. They only pack about 11 ft. lbs. of energy but that works for busting light bulbs.




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