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Quite a ride.......g*a*s

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by , 05-15-2008 at 05:32 PM (3524 Views)
So, I'm in Delaware with a LOT of females. My grandson and me are trying to make the male population seem significant and failing at it. Meanwhile the ladies decide to go to New York. Well rooms even in NJ are hideous and if I go it'll mean 2 instead of 1 so I opt out which gives me more time than I really want here at my daughter's computer.

Meanwhile Gustavo is yakking about Plasticca lenses. It's his fault. I wasn't thinking about Plasticca's until Gustavo steered me right off the straight and narrow. So since I had plenty of time and nothing to do I go to Seth's site and read about Oscar zwierzina Plasticca lenses. They sound fabulous and I know Emil has one. Google. MWClassics in UK has the perfect plasticca. An 18" f3.5. The rarest and best, and the price seems sort of fair for a Dutch Pinkham.

G*A*S hits and hits hard. "Have to have it" to about the tenth power. But I'm broke (as usual). What to do what to do!!!somebody else will get it!!!!gotta have it gotta have it. So I contact the nice folks in UK with a proposal, very calmly et al. "I'm on holiday but if I paypal you half or so will you let me finish when I am back home........etc. very calm like it's nothing. Nothing at all.

"Yes, OK" they say very graciously. So I send as much as I can without tipping over the checking account and I put together a plan. I list a bunch of stuff here and at LFForum at excellent value and wait. Yes, folks will buy things even in rough economy when the price is nice.

Finally after 10 hours the chap in UK says .........uh........we can't find that lens. We sold it weeks ago etc. etc.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Anybody out there got an 18" f3.5 plasticca???? I NEED one..........badly!


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  1. Gustavo_Castilla's Avatar
    I feel your pain brother Jim may we all find a plasstica in out road to greatness
  2. gandolfi's Avatar
    I bought it - so now I have two....

    just kidding!
  3. phfitz's Avatar
    Hi Jim,

    you already have one, just use the rear cell from your Portrait Unar, EXACTLY the same effect and adjustable by f/stop.

    Not kidding.
  4. gandolfi's Avatar
    hi phfitz.
    I'd certainly like to see an example of that. can you post an image ir a link to one?
  5. phfitz's Avatar
    Hi gandolfi,

    I just received a 'Brand New Old Stock' virgin B&L 10"/4.5 Unar and will play with it. It does do the same as my antique 16.5/ 5.5 B&L Unar so I guess it is a design feature for Unar. I will have to setup something and step thru the f/stops to show the differences. I will try to post them over the weekend.
  6. jimgalli's Avatar
    Hi Gandolfi. Had my heart racing there for a minute thinking you got to it before me! Lots of lenses, lots of looks some expensive, some not. I guess the collector in my want the plasticca. Don't get me wrong, it would be used often but that is the draw to have the "real thing" as opposed to my shit pipe lens which may very well have the identical look on film for $30 bucks.
  7. gandolfi's Avatar
    just got another fun lens! not Plasticca, but a Dallmeyer meniscus type landscape lens. I noticed that the lens diameter is quite big, and the barrel with revolving apertures quite small (F15) so I removed the barrel and fitted the lens in a shutter.....

    can't wait to see the results on film. swirley as hell.. almost plasticca like..

    I'll keep you posted.
  8. gandolfi's Avatar
    oh GOD..

    maybe I have the solution for you!

    the old Dallmeyer mescus type landscape lens is FASCINATING!!

    I by mistake took the lens element and fitted it reversed in a shutter, and look and behold...

    lovley to say the least.
    not excately like Plasticca, but VERY nice too..

    I am currently scanning some negs.
    and I'll upload some asap.
  9. gandolfi's Avatar
    image in question can be seen here:

  10. gandolfi's Avatar
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