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caffenol et al.

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by , 08-26-2014 at 07:11 AM (210 Views)
after not processing film and paper in my 3L container of 4month old sumatranol130
i removed about 1L of the solution after removing weird globs of stuff floating in it
and poured in another 12cups of twice-perked sumatran coffee.
i added a heavy pour of washing soda and a half pour of vit c.

they were stirred and the chunks of washing soda squished and dissolved
i added a free pour of ansco130 to top it off.

after returning from a trip overseas i have 20-30+ rolls of film to process
and a handful of sheets for a new projects i am working on to use everything up!


  1. FiatluX's Avatar
    The wierd globs is most likely mold, you better filter the rest! On the other hand, it being so organic (alive) now it could render some interesting results..

    Looking forward to seeing the results!
  2. jnanian's Avatar
    thanks for the heads-up!
    i've removed that weird jelly like stuff before thought of just smearing it on film and seeing what happens
    but i decided throwing it away was a better idea

    film will be processed slowly ...
  3. Drew B.'s Avatar
    Hmmm...subject matter for a future NEAPUG workshop/meet-up?
  4. jnanian's Avatar
  5. FiatluX's Avatar
    Oh and btw. I keep some aging concoctions in the fridge, never had "growth" in any of those, only the ones at room temperature start snarling at me after two days! Takes a bit longer to get the temperature up tho.
  6. jnanian's Avatar

    hehe. i hear you clear and loud



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