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The Art of War or Forum Discussion

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by , 01-22-2012 at 01:02 PM (3729 Views)
Few things annoy me as much as unsubstantiated argumentation. But one of those things is the predictable recurrence of an old argument, along with the vitriol that it stirs.

Most recently, the tormented subject has been the future of Kodak. There is a case in which unknown facts could easily turn all arguments around, and then the forum combatants will find that they've lost friends over... nothing. And without the nuance of eye-to-eye discussion, a roomful of otherwise affable analogue photographers becomes a classic example of divide et impera.

My advice to all is to appreciate the good associations they have here on APUG, while they exist. As long as people are clear about what is fact and what is conjecture, there is truly nothing to sever good relations. For other cases where this is impossible, the ignore button may be deployed.

Some feel compelled to state and restate the same thing ad nauseum, as if others haven't read it or considered it already. But a good argument need only be stated once and clearly; that will suffice. Intelligent people will never let a good idea fall aside for very long. Only poor and unclear arguments need to be delivered many times and loudly.

So... let us say our piece and consider it said. If someone else doesn't heed the argument because their acrylic ball renders the future differently from our crystal then... waaah. Life goes on.

In the case of Kodak, there are many large game changers that are unknowns. Filing for Chapter 11 is the very first tiny step towards clarity, and it is only the first chapter in a volume that could span many years more. It'd not surprise me one iota to learn that Kodak has a billion dollar settlement in their favor for some key piece of sensor technology, or that Perez pushed all revenue losses into a category he believed already to be doomed so that he could buy time with his printer project, or that Fuji has already made an ektar-like product a few years ago and decided not to introduce it, or that Castro has actually been dead for a half year etc.


  1. Miskuss's Avatar
    I wonder what Carl Von Clausewitz would have made out of it. Hmmm....
  2. keithwms's Avatar
    Probably not much; poor chap didn't even know about daguerreotypes...
  3. EASmithV's Avatar
    Just don't shoot Fuji Film, it contains whales...



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