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Kevin Caulfield

Getting There

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by , 01-03-2008 at 07:20 PM (1497 Views)
Well, I'm starting to get excited about my new darkroom as it's not too far away at all now. We've just built a new laundry so the old one becomes the new darkroom. I bought a revolving darkroom door about six months ago, so it will be nice to put it into the doorway rather than the hallway. First there are just a couple of jobs to do in the room. The main one is to put a bigger sink in the bench. The existing sink is shaped like a cone with its end cut off (whatever that's called), and is not very practical. I'm hoping to have a new sink within a day or so. Then the sink has to be fitted and the exhaust fan re-connected and the door installed into the doorway.




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