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There´s always a first time

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by , 09-24-2008 at 09:59 PM (1452 Views)
Today it´s the first day having my dear enlarger in place for almost 1½ year, no more getting frustrated over others equipment. Setting is hopefully very temporary but I suspect so is not the case. Going from a large lab - to make exposure in the attic and then running down deadly narror stairs to a small bathroom to develope. Why not start writing a blog for first time ever, just today? A lot of new stuff starts this week, awakening, coming back to life, goodbye desperation, depression and lethargy, getting creative and happy again. How? First of all - getting back into the dark. Exploring how to use my RH Design - Stop Clock Pro and Zone Analyzer. Trying some old recepies from books dated 1919, 1935 and 1955 speially a recepie regarding reconditioning fogged papers back to new quality. Second and very exiting. We are some Analog Photographers and dedicated darkroom enthusiasts that start gathering and exchaning experienses this week. Exploring darkroom techniques, showing/teaching eachother tips and trix in the fun and noble art of fine printmaking. Preparations have been so fun that I almost haven´t been missing not been able to get online for over 1½ month. Computer crached and the antivirusprogram have failed since then. Well every now and then youngest son is coming home to Mamma and letting her use the laptop as just now.
Btw what is a blog? Is it a public diary or are people supposed to answer and/or give opinions? Well I´ll find out next time a functioning computer pass my way.


  1. Steve Smith's Avatar
    Btw what is a blog? Is it a public diary or are people supposed to answer and/or give opinions?
    Looks like people can answer and give opinions!

    My enlarger is in the attic and I have to set up the ladder then pull it up to close the door. All of my print washing is done in the bathroom too. Not ideal but much better than not having it.




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