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My thoughts on my new hobby

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by , 01-03-2009 at 11:51 PM (1636 Views)
I have not been this excited about one of my hobbies for a long time (and I have a lot of hobbies). I find myself sitting for hours trying to find equipment, reading all of the posts here and searching every photography site I can find!

I have nearly gotten everything I need for my darkroom, except the room, but I can set it up anywhere that I can make light proof for the time being and the supplies wich i will have to order soon. I can't wait seeing that first print that I develop myself. So much more exciteing than looking at the lcd screen on the back of the digital!

I am one of those people who never took a photography class. I took art. I was into painting in high school. I always had some sort of camera with me everywhere I went though!

I plan on getting out and shooting some film tomorrow. I got the wrong kind of B&W film to do developing myself (it is for c41 processing) but I enjoy just getting out! I suppose I can still use the negatives I get from costco to do my own prints.

I hope to grow alot in my art over the next year or two. Thanks for letting me ramble!


  1. ford prefect's Avatar
    some times the prints from the b&wCN (c-41 b/w) can have a pulpleish blue color to them because they usualy print the photos on color paper but once you haave you darkroom set up your prints will look better (no purple color) just to give a heads up
  2. naeroscatu's Avatar
    It gets better, I'm in my 25th year of photography as a hobby and still find lots of things to learn and experiment.
    Wait until you learn to develop your B&W films, then put them on paper in your darkroom. This is where the magic begins.
  3. lorirfrommontana's Avatar
    Hi, Wow, what a great day! I got out and took a walk at the river with my husband. I shot 1/2 a roll of that C41 process B&W at the river and trees and such. I was planning on keeping track of all my settings for each picture so I could teach myself what i was doing wrong but that is just not easy to do! I gave up and just had fun!

    At home I did some more interesting shots of my oldest daughters alto sax sitting next to the cases for her alto, tenor and bari sax, the piano keyboard, my daughter with the guinea pig, my youngest daughter, my husband, the moon, and anything else I could find that was interesting! I ended up shooting 2 rolls today. I have one more of those B&W rolls left to use then I will get some I can develop myself. I also have 3 rolls of color (I have one of those in the camera now to shoot).

    Thank you for all the encouragement. I'll be sure to have tons of questions when I go to develop my first pictures myself!

  4. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    You think it's bad now. Wait until the onset of G. A. S. (Many threads here on the topic)

    Glad you're having fun.

  5. lorirfrommontana's Avatar
    Well, after a day of frustration with understanding exposure and a few hours reading photography books (I must have 1/2 a dozen or more) I'm better! I still think that a photography class may help me get more confident with my camera. I will have to look into that.

    I am really enjoying learning but it is sometimes frustrateing when I know how to take pictures. I've been doing it for years. Now all of a sudden I don't know anything! I will get out and do some more shooting today. I do have to finish up the last few rolls that I can't process myself (for now)! I also need to find a local place to purchase film.

    I think that I may start looking for another camera body so I can have one set up with color and one set up with B&W. The color is great for sunrises and general picture takeing. I am starting to prefer the look of B&W though. I love the depth of the B&W photos. When I get this exposure thing all settled in my brain so I don't have to think about it so hard I have a feeling that I'm going to make some awesome photos. I'm also starting to like taking pictures of people more than scenery. This dosn't supprize me too much. I'm always offering my services for free to high schoolers who can't afford to have senior pics done. Free models for me and some pictures for them to pass out to freinds!

    Well, enough rambleing for now. Thanks for listening. Lori
  6. ken472's Avatar
    Depending on what part of Montana you are in , you may have better luck ordering the film you want from either B&H or Adorama. B&H is only place I get film anymore. Once in awhile I'll find some bargain film on ebay.



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