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Finally going to rebuild the Agfa Ventura 66 V

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by , 06-04-2009 at 11:03 AM (2693 Views)
I just love this old camera and have taken quite a few amazing shots with it. The focus ring has been stuck at 10 feet and the bellows are like swiss cheese since I got it though so it is time. I have used black fingernail polish to repair the holes a few times but a couple of the holes are not pin holes and can not be sealed properly anymore.

I found quite a bit of restoration info on the web and have even found directions and templates for a new bellows. Since I paid under $20 for the camera I thought I would make my own bellows. One site I found suggested using the black printing paper bags as an inner light proof layer with black fabric on the inside and whatever color fabric you would like on the outside. I think that is what I will do. If it dosn't work I am not out of anything except time as I have an impressive fabric stash because I quilt! I can always try something else out later.

I will have to go slow an careful as I do not want to hurt the camera. Its been knocking around a whole lot longer than I have and I don't want to break it. I just love vintage equipment. It is so much fun.

I am hoping to have this finished before fair in August so I can take some candid fair portraits with it. We stay at the fair grounds for the whole 9 days so I'll have plenty of opportunity!

Wish me luck in my first photo repair attempt!





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