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Finally I have a darkroom!!!

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by , 05-02-2009 at 06:16 PM (1426 Views)
Months ago I said that my darkroom was nearly finished. I really thought it would go in so much faster. I guess it was harder to make a room in a collapsing basement corner than I thought it was Well, It finally is nearly finished!! I had a deadline that I wanted the room done in time to get involved in the postcard exchange and my Husband (Ed) almost got it done by the end of April! The plumbing was in 2 days ago and the wireing is done now! Ed just has a few things to finish up to make it light tight and its done. It's not big, It's not pretty, but its nearly done! I will be able to move my stuff in there on my next days off!!! It has been very hard waiting. I have a lot of negatives developed and can't wait to print them! I just purchased a 75mm lens and a 105mm lens for the enlarger to go along with the 50mm I already had that should be here within a week. I know I'm going to need more paper. I once again need more film. It sure is easy to go through the 120 film fast! I'll post some pics of the room when it is all done! Yeah!!! I am looking forward to showing some of my prints soon! Thanks all for putting up with all my newbie questions and my rambleing. (I tend to do that!)


  1. mjs's Avatar
    My first darkroom was a corner of a detached garage; the second was the loft above the garage. My God, the heat in the summer! When we bought this house I literally dreamed of the darkroom I would build in the basement. It's a small house with a small basement and I got a corner of it -- it doesn't matter. My darkroom is less than 6 feet square and I don't care, it has air conditioning and running water and it's all mine!

    It's worth the wait, you'll see.

  2. lorirfrommontana's Avatar
    It is so hard not to get everything moved in now!!! Well, ive moved some stuff in. My paper and film is in the fridge. I've tried out my gray lab timer and it works! I've put on the safelight (it works too!). I've sorted my trays and other supplies. I've planned and planned! I've reread a couple of chapters on printing in a couple of my photography books. We are at the point of just sealing off any light leaks now. Ed spent all day (while I slept as I work nights) sitting in the room finding light leaks and fixing them. I should be able to print tomorrow so I'm mixing up the dektol tonight!!! Yeah!!! I can tell it will be worth it! My own space to create! It is so exciteing! Lori
  3. lorirfrommontana's Avatar
    WoooHooo!. Yesterday was the most fun I've had in a long time. I printed around 15 8x10's. I only had a 25 pack of 8x10 paper. I'll have to get more. I do have a lot of 5x7 and 11x14 (i think) paper. There were lots of errors but they all helped me learn. I can look at one of my negatives and somewhat tell how long I should expose it. I found that just counting was far more easy than useing the timers. I have the enlarger plugged into the timer because it has a switch that is far easier than unplugging. I didn't want to quit and almost missed my leaders meeting last night! I was good though and went. I just covered my trays with plastic and will do some more printing today. I found a few light leaks that I'll have to fix first. I'm at the don't care what it looks like I'll use duct tape stage of that! Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here. I love printing. I do have to work on my camera work though to make printing a little easier! I have a darkroom. Oh Yeah!
  4. hoffy's Avatar
    Well done Lori!



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