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I got to see my new darkroom!!!

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by , 10-13-2010 at 11:05 PM (1953 Views)
Have you ever had that feeling that something was just right? When we decided to look at the home we are buying we had no intention of moving. We love our old house even though it is kinda small. I just drove by this new house and had to go look inside. It immediately felt like my home. I loved everything about it (except maybe the orange carpet)!It was built in 1921 and was so much like the home I always knew I wanted to live in. I saw the locked room in the basement and was told that it was where the owner stored his guns away from the children. I never thought about the "closet" again. After months I finally convinced my husband that we needed to buy that house which was still for sale. We put our home on the market and it sold in 3 days for more than we were asking. The current owners of our new home accepted our offer which was considerably less than they were asking. It really felt like it was meant to be. When Ed got back from the home inspectors visit and told me the closet was actually a darkroom but was pretty small. I was excited and knew that it wouldn't take a lot of work to get back up printing after the move. Well, We just went over to the new house and I finally got to see my new darkroom! I'm so excited! It is bigger than my darkroom now. It has a light proof door (home made), a very old but operational sink. A much lower enlarger table than what I have now so I can do larger prints. Tons of shelving. It is all painted flat black and appears to be very functional! I can not believe my luck! The only house that I looked at, I fell in love with without even knowing that there was a darkroom hiding in it! I will only be down long enough to get my new chems ordered and I will be able to print again! We get to move in Saturday evening. I think that this home was meant to be my home. It is so funny that just driving by a home for sale can change a family's life so drastically!


  1. Zathras's Avatar
    Awesome!!! I really need something like this to happen to me!!!
  2. bsdunek's Avatar
    Wow! How many homes have a darkroom? I would be just happy if a house had a spot with a drain so I could build one. Hope you enjoy the heck out of it!!!
  3. Paul Green's Avatar
    Congratulations, it sounds like it was meant to be
  4. Valerie's Avatar
    I love it when the universe gives us exactly what we want! 10 yrs ago we were house-hunting... took a year of looking wwe were shown this filthy foreclosed emu farm. I fell in love with it's potential-- and its 3 car garage is now a 2 car garage and darkroom.
  5. johnnywalker's Avatar
    Congratulations Lori, and enjoy! The Universe is unfolding as it should.
  6. Laurent's Avatar
    Congratulations ! I'm sure the darkroom emitted some radiations than your mind felt ;-)
  7. Christopher Walrath's Avatar
    Wow, some girls have all the luck.
  8. Eric Mac's Avatar
    I also had the good fortune of buying a house with a semi functional darkroom. Sink and shelving, but the water supply was a couple garden hoses. Had a plumber take care of that a couple of years ago, so we are up and running.
  9. Thomas Bertilsson's Avatar
    Congratulations, Lori! That's fantastic.



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