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One month and I'm back in the art biz

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, 04-02-2008 at 05:22 PM (964 Views)
Hi all
In fact even if I sell some of my owrk on ebay this last 16 months I've just take care of my 2 years old son Basile . We have a lot of fun read hundreds of books, played hundred of games, make hundred cakes, painting, photo, cyanotype, and listen to thousand s of LP and CD of Rub and dub ( just to keep it real and cool).

But now serious thing come back He will go to school and let me some time to print in day time. these last year I use to work between 10PM till 3 AM So I 'll be pleased to find my lab when I am less tired.

these months help me to think on the fine art parket and also on my own vision of it. Here in France I must limit my work to 30 prints by edition whatever the size and th medium. I appreciate this law but as I also appreciate to sell " democratic art" I'll decide to offer my art to different market. I 'll think that I will keep a democratic market consiting of small GSP print @ 19 to 29$ then some for modarate market consisiting of larger GSP print and also platinum, gum and carbon print @ 99 to 199$
and at last a deluxe market consiting of fex extra large format platinum print (From 20X24 to 24X36 " ) @ 699 to 1999$

By the way this time I will have a half time job to avoid end of the monht crisis.

Chris Nze




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