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GP3 Shangai Film

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, 03-11-2008 at 04:40 PM (2376 Views)
Now days, it's easy to buy film from China. They produce a good quality old fashionned films. You can find diffferent brand on the net at great price as Lucky, Era and Shangai. I try some of them and my favorite are GP3 100 iso and Era 100 iso. They both are quite similar to ilford, kodak or agfa traditional 100 iso
Basic exposure

With my development methods GP3 is a real 100 film. It has a classic

I use my 2 favorites developers to process this film, PMK and Rodinal. GP3 show good reaction to staining developer like other old emulsion .

I use rodinal dilute 1+100 for a 20 min processing with a first minute agitation and agitation every 15 seconds. When I need a Minus development ( for my pinhole) I use the same dilution and same timing but I agitate the tank every 30 seconds or every minute. For Plus dev I switch to Rodinal 1+25 and get +1 @7min 30 sec. All this timing at 20°C

With PMK I use the classic dilution 10 min @ 22°C . And for sure I do minus or plus dev by just changing timing. I find that Pmk development result in more scratch. Even if the Pyrogallol harden the film , it seems that the gelatin is more sensitive.

Stop bath and fixer

For both developper I just use a 2 water bath to stop the development before putting the film in classic rapid fixer.

Hardening the film

I find useful to harden the film with an hardening solution after a good washing sequence. This help to avoid some scracth and to have a less curly film.


As they have a significant curl it's better to use glass film holder. With glassless film holder it's sure that all the film want be in sharp focus( even in many of photograph are unfocus) focus grain is quite appreciable.

I consider these films good even if they may be better with good support. Should add that Era in 135 has less do not have the curling problem.




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