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Blogging again?

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, 01-22-2008 at 03:44 PM (1527 Views)
I was never too good at updating the blog under the previous system - in fact I believe it only ever came to two entries. But that's no reason not to try again, is it?

I've been in the darkroom again today. As I suspected i had put off cleaning up the last time I was there, and had ended up going offshore for a week in the interim. It's amazing how hard solidified print developer can get, and how long it takes to get it out of the tray.

I have a lot of negatives to print, but today's priority was making prints for the upcoming toning workshop with Tim Rudman in Dublin this weekend. So I chose to print an old familiar negative, originally shot with a Zeiss Ikon 521 MF folder. It is also about the closest I've ever come to "street photography", although it is equally a "landscape". It's just that there are people in it for a change, four Japanese tourists who were completely unaware that they were being photographed.

So I made 15 prints in all, on four different papers, all in "small size". For some reason I've come to view 8x10" as "small" for enlargements, although it's certainly large for a camera? I usually print on 24x30cm paper, and that is significantly larger than 8x10" (20x25cm). But this time, as I just wrote, I'll be bringing the prints with me to Dublin where they will be dunked in various chemicals. So I decided to forego my customary 24x30cm FB prints for 8x10" RC.

I'll have to print the four tourists again, on a larger paper. After I've removed the hair that was on my negative throughout todays printing session - I didn't even notice until I put the prints in the drier!


  1. Falkenberg's Avatar
    You should blog again. It is so good to read about other peoples photographic work.
  2. Thanasis's Avatar
    This sucks when it happens. I'm going to start using canned air from now on to get rid of dust on the negative.



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