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The discovery of pinholing.

A while ago I build my first pinhole camera. large format i think. Depends on how Large I can cut a 3,25 x 4,75 size negative to fit the negative holder.
Made 4 pics with it but the exposure was way off. I tried scanning the one with the best result but my scanner sucks big time so that is a no go. I'll have to enlarge the pic and scan that. But it is not a marvellous pic anyway. But tomorrow I'll try again. I will try out the zoomfunction as well.
In the mean time I have taped a filmcan pinhole camera to my balcony to try out solargraphy. I think I will leave it up there for 2 days. Hopefully it will produce some result worth showing here. Used some old agfe brovira paper. I am curious. I will post it later on. Here's the cam hanging on for dear life.

And here is the result after some basic edits in photoshop:



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