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  1. More studio updates

    by , 04-04-2011 at 02:37 PM
    Ok- the storage locker is now assembled, and the studio is being maintained to a reasonable semblance of cleanliness (a bit challenging when your studiomates are a pair of hippies and a painter/3-d installation artist). It looks way more professional now, and I think the other guys will in the long term appreciate the improvement when they can raise their billable rate for the space, even though they were grumbling about not needing the storage locker (if you saw the place before, you'd understand ...
  2. Been busy

    by , 03-14-2011 at 12:32 PM
    I've been busy working away at getting the new studio set up. Added an INKA studio mono stand to the arsenal for shooting large subjects and/or working with the 14x17. Rolled the Century Master portrait camera out yesterday to shoot some still life stuff for a print exchange. I'm working on getting some classes on the calendar to take advantage of the studio space as a teaching space again. Watch for announcements about an intro to studio lighting class, a photographing the male nude class, and ...
  3. Stieglitz Steichen Strand exhibit review

    by , 01-19-2011 at 01:47 PM
    I've posted a review of the Stieglitz, Steichen and Strand exhibit, from my perspective and regarding my interests in the show over on my blog. To read the whole review, check out


    The biggest interest to me in seeing the show was getting to examine the Steichen prints up close and personal. I don't know if he worked from enlarged negatives or was he shooting ULF, but most of the prints were much larger than 8x10- I would guess 11x14 ...
  4. Remembering Rita....

    by , 01-18-2011 at 07:01 PM (Chasing light..)
    By 1964 the country was getting over its love affair with huge tail fins on the big cars coming out of Detroit, which was only a few hours ride from my house. But not me, even at 7 years old my obsession with Harley Earl designs, the sexy curves, alluring pastel colors, and spicy chrome dressings would hold my attention for entire afternoons at a time. And for some reason - unknown to an elementary school-roughneck, during this time Rita's dad always had a long lean Caddy, Olds, or Buick parked ...

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  5. Apparently my generosity knows no bounds . . .

    by , 01-15-2011 at 11:06 PM
    So this customer of mine (drummer, laid back kinda dude) comes in Friday. Haven't seen him in a while so we strike up a conversation. How ya's and nice holidays and all that.

    He asks how me photography is going? Well, I tell him how it's been slow this year. Not shooting much 35mm anymore, all large format. Take him in the other room and show him the Beseler enlarger I've got kept at the store. He asks if I would be interested in an enlarger? I say, HECK YEAH! So what is it? ...



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