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Ramblings from the APUG admin..

Turning over advertising to the pros..

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by , 10-20-2010 at 05:36 AM (5858 Views)
I love that so many small businesses can reach a large target audience on APUG. We've taken on quite a few advertisers over the years and I've always tried to manage it myself. It's reached a point where managing this has become a slight disaster to say the least. Who has paid, who hasn't and left, who is still current but simply forgot to have money in their paypal acct, which ads to disable, enable or re-enable.. contacting advertisers and fielding problems with advertisers and their accounts. After a rough month of this I began looking into an alternative for our advertising, such as let some pros take care of it. We roll out the new system in 30 days. Advertisers will not experience much of a difference, still the same ad zones available and rates (even better rates as I'll be offering discounts for extended ad buys). The main difference is that I am no longer tied down with managing the back end. The advertisers will go to a reputable 3rd party firm, buy the ads there, I approve any ads and then they serve on APUG. All support and account management is off loaded so I can focus on more important things. It took a couple of weeks to find the right firm and set everything into motion so I'm glad a solution was found.


  1. DanielStone's Avatar
    who was it that said "a great general knows how to delegate?"

    same thing here. delegating some responsibility helps to make everyone's life(well, yours Sean in this case ) easier in the long run.

    and hopefully to make this forum even better!

    thanks for the update!

  2. papagene's Avatar
    Good work Sean. I think it was a good decision for you to make. Let's hope that this will make your life a lot easier and maybe be able to get out and take some photos!

  3. David A. Goldfarb's Avatar
    Good going, Sean, sounds like a sensible move, but why is the font in the responses to this blog like Zone IX on Zone X?



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