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I am pondering this...

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by , 01-11-2009 at 05:42 AM (1684 Views)
So, I am trying to come u with ideas for photographic assignments for myself to do. If anybody wants to give me a suggestion they should give one, but here is what i have thought about so far:

Putting my camera on self timer and, as the timer runs down, i throw a large paper plane into the frame of the image, a bit of a chance image type-thingermagigger.

still thinking. As with my creative writing stuff, every time I sit down to write a blog I get writer's block.

Nevertheless, post a comment with ideas, or words of wisdom, or instructions on how to do pt/pd printing


  1. Valerie's Avatar
    You will likely get more suggestions by posting this in the forum. Or doing a search--I do believe this topic has come up before.

    Here is my suggestion--just carry a camera with you at all times (I carry a Holga) and shoot something every day, regardless of how mundane it may seem. I find that after a few rolls of this, a "theme" appears than I can focus on.
  2. naeroscatu's Avatar
    I let myself guided by what I see around me in other words I find that every type of environment has some kind of appeal (photographic that is); As suggested I carry a camera with me at all times and shoot what inspires me, whether landscape, cityscape or people. Love for the medium and a genuine pleasure to share what I see/ feel with other people is what drives me out of the house. Unfortunately having to work 9-5 leaves me very little time to shoot
  3. naeroscatu's Avatar
    Hm, as for an assignment for yourself, have you seen the movie "Smoke" with Harvey Keitel? Check it out, I cannot find a better and interesting example of a photographic assignment.



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