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Anything for a Hasselblad

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by , 05-13-2009 at 02:40 AM (1761 Views)
So, very quickly, I figured I would bloggify. This is a much better outlet than twitting on Twitter. So...(omg, I went to the mall, like, today, and i like, saw the cutest shoes, omg!!!!)

On a more, mature note, putting aside my mocking of many women my age (16), I find that my love of analog photography has me coveting expensive cameras and lenses in a manner that is unhealthy to both mind and wallet. People my age are supposed to waste their days smoking or getting a driver's license or something to that effect, but all I find myself doing is browsing eBay for a Hasselblad 503cx and a 60mm Distagon. (one of my favorite lens manes, by the way) Then, I go to the Samy's Camera down the block from my house to find that Canon L lens I really want to photograph with. Deary me, heroin is no addiction compared to pretty cameras!

As e.e. cummings said:"by gorry by jingo by gee by gosh by gum!"


  1. berrybrian's Avatar
    Ash, Sidearm, do not pine for for Swedish perfection. Take one week's lunch money down to the camera store and buy a Canonet QL17 for about $25. Yes, it was made 40 years ago, but there are millions out there, and most of them still work. You will have a pro-quality lens in a fast, practical camera body. Not as wide as a 60 on 6x6, of course, but wide enough to feel wide if you use it thoughtfully. And, competitive with any single camera-lens combination I can think of .... don't let lens lust destroy your young life, Sidearm! Go and Shoot!
  2. sidearm613's Avatar
    I actually have a Canonet QL17, but the light seals are screwed up at the moment. Gotta get around to fixing those so I may reenter rangefinder land.



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