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Buying lenscaps

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by , 02-24-2009 at 04:14 PM (879 Views)
Well, I just got a new lens the other day for my Contax G1 - I found a very nice 35mm f2 in the used case at the camera store, so I couldn't let it sit around being an orphan. Not that I needed the focal length, but I've heard some terrific things about that lens. Well, I went to the KEH website to find a lens shade, shade cap, and rear lens cap. Well, KEH had two of the three, so I put them in my shopping cart, then flipped over to the B&H website to see if they had the third. They did, and they had a neck strap that was compatible with my Rolleiflex, so I ordered those two items together from B&H. While Atlanta is a bit farther away than New York, we're still on the same coast. The shipping for the lens shade and the rear cap from KEH? $12.95 UPS Ground.
The strap plus the front cap, from B&H, USPS Priority Mail? $6.20. They also had a UPS Ground option, for $5.45.

I was unimpressed. KEH should not charge so much for UPS especially when it is their only shipping option - I'm sure they do enough business to get UPS' best rates.

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