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Whole Plate Project Show

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by , 08-28-2010 at 08:14 PM (1139 Views)
Well, we had the "closing" reception last night at Art Reactor Gallery for the Whole Plate Project. I say "closing" in quotes because the show is up on the wall for another two weeks almost, but since the last weekend we will have the show up is the Labor Day holiday, I had the closing this weekend instead. Attendance was lighter than that of the opening reception, but quality made up for quantity. We had some serious viewers come through, and I got to spend some quality time with each of them talking about the work and getting their feedback. I think that's one of the biggest rewards of being a gallerist - getting to interact with patrons and hearing what they think about art. Today I did a gallery sitting from 10-4, which was also worthwhile - I had a half-dozen visitors in the first three hours, which given that today was a GORGEOUS day weather-wise, beat expectations. It was also helpful from a marketing standpoint because it showed me from where people were finding out about the show. I owe a big thanks to F. Lennox Campello's DC art scene blog, as I think most of the people coming through today read about it there. We'll have open hours next weekend on Saturday and Sunday, 10-4, so please stop by and check out the show. For information and directions to Art Reactor, check out the Art Reactor website - http://artreactor.org .
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