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So many things, so little time

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by , 04-23-2010 at 09:04 PM (2723 Views)
I've been home from work sick with a cold the last couple days. I've been using the downtime to catch up on some reading - I'm working my way through a book of photographic theory, and reading the WONDERFUL "TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art", which is the exhibition catalog for a traveling show coming to the Taft Museum of Fine Art in Cincinnati next month. On wednesday night, I had my first session of "The Four Traditions of Photography" class at the Smithsonian. The class is a discussion about the history of photography and the four traditions that shape the photographic aesthetic: Depictive Involvement, Constructed Artistic, Representational Artistic, and Directed Reality Artistic. If you had to pin me down to a single tradition, it would be Constructed Artistic for my work in the studio with nudes and portraits.

Depictive involvement best describes things such as the geographic survey work of Timothy O'Sullivan or war documentary work of James Nachtwey.

Representational Artistic is exemplified by the works of the f64 school.

Lastly, Directed Reality Artistic is things like Nan Goldin's work where she uses the snapshot/documentary aesthetic under an artist-directed but not controlled environment.

On a completely different yet not totally unrelated note, my new-to-me Canham 14x17 arrived in FedEx today. WOW. That's a CAMERA. The camera is to accomplish a commission I've been given to re-photograph a portrait. The relationship between this and all the above ramblings is that I've been asked to make the final image a multi-color gum print to end up on an approximately 20x24 piece of paper. So I'll be meta- pictorial, making a painterly rendition of a photograph of a painting.

now if I could only shake this nasty cold, I'd be in hog heaven.




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