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And now for something completely different- more wet-plate adventures

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by , 03-22-2008 at 10:07 PM (756 Views)
Slide #32 - The Larch.

But I digress.

Today I assembled the plastic box for my smaller silver bath. All the pieces had been cut to proper size but one, the bottom, when I ordered it. Fortunately, I had a fair bit of leftover from the whole sheet, so I was able to cut a replacement. Don't let the acrylic salespeople fool you- cutting to size is not as simple as scoring a line and snapping off the excess. Fortunately, I had bought a saw attachment for my Dremel motor tool and so was able to cut a replacement. I got it all glued up and water tested it- of course the first time around, it leaked. It is now setting up in the basement with a fresh lot of acrylic cement having been squirted on all the seams observed to leak. Tomorrow, I'm going out to my parents' house where I have my table saw and router set up, and I'll be making the wood box to hold it. I also bent my dipper with a blowtorch - I didn't set the plastic on fire, or the house, and I got the piece bent to just the right size, so I'm happy about that. When I get the box finished, I'll post pics of it.




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