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making wet-plate holders

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by , 03-27-2008 at 08:43 PM (766 Views)
well, I finally made my wet plate holder. I have a home-brew holder made from an 8x10 film holder- I got out the Dremel and cut the hole in the septum for the plate, glued in my corner supports, and made a pressure plate that can go between the darkslide and the aluminum plate with the emulsion on it.

If you are endeavoring to make your own out of an old film holder, here's a hot tip- DON'T use a really old film holder - it may have a double septum of thin sheets of aluminum, which will ultimately bend and distort while trying to cut it, leaving you without a flat focal plane. I ruined one 8x10 holder that way. Anyway, I'm happy now, as I have a holder I can use to shoot whole-plate tins. Hopefully this weekend I'll have some results to post.




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