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Hie thee hence, 2011!

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by , 12-22-2011 at 01:05 PM (1440 Views)
Despite the title of this blog post, 2011 was not THAT bad of a year, although it could have been a hell of a lot better. Kicking things off, I was still in temporary employment limbo, waiting for my current employer to bring me on board officially. Then, in March (just about the same time my employer picked me up as a permanent employee) I split from my partner of 3 1/2 years, and it was an ugly split. I'm still paying the lawyer's bill until January. Yeah, it was THAT ugly that I had to get a lawyer, even though we weren't even married! On the upside, I'm now a free and happier person, and my house feels like my home again, instead of a place I went to sleep and endure the emotional acid vented by my ex.

The summer passed relatively uneventfully, until the police found a dead person in front of my house. THAT was a bit of a to-do. Then in mid-October, everyone in my studio building was informed that the building owner was tearing the place down in January and we had to get out before then. And just as I was planning to start moving stuff out of the studio, my appendix burst, putting me in the hospital and then home recovery for almost ten days. The upside to the appendectomy was that a: my recovery has been remarkably smooth and uneventful, b: although it was an inconvenient time to happen, it could have been a lot worse, and c: I had a great support network of friends and family who really came through.

All the frol-de-rol that has transpired this year has given me a new perspective on life and the things I value. I've grown a lot closer to my parents, who helped me through the separation and the surgery recovery. I had to sell some camera gear I wasn't using to pay the legal bills, and frankly, I think in some ways it was the best thing for me - it's helped me focus my interest and think seriously about what I want to do photographically, and distill down what I have until I only have the stuff I need to accomplish my goals.

I don't regret 2011, but it will NOT be remembered as one of my 10 best years either.


  1. Guillaume Zuili's Avatar
    Be well and wish you a good 2012



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