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Artomatic is coming again!

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by , 04-13-2008 at 07:50 AM (954 Views)
Yesterday I went to this year's Artomatic site to pick my wall space. I was in the first round of site selection, so I got to pick a prime location in the show. I'll be right off the elevator banks on the 8th floor.

For those who have never heard of Artomatic, it is this (semi-) annual show here in Washington DC that is run by artists for artists. It moves around each time because the show is so big, and there is a dearth of exhibition space in DC. The show got its name from the first exhibition space, a former commercial laundromat. The laundromat was subsequently redeveloped and is now a public charter school. The second Artomatic show was at an old hardware store, and the third was in a former office building due to be renovated. It grew in size each time, and now, this year being the seventh Artomatic, there will be approximately 600 artists on eight floors of exhibition space.

I'm planning on showing my wet-plate collodion work. I'm still working on shooting the materials for the show, so I'll probably be in a last-minute panic from now until it opens on May 9th. I'm also doing a wet-plate demo at the show - stay tuned for dates/times. For more information about the show, check out http://www.artomatic.org




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