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The things we do for our art

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by , 08-05-2008 at 08:57 AM (1721 Views)
On Sunday, I was out with some other LF folks taking a visit to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens (one of the least well known parts of the National Park system, very much off the beaten track), shooting some of my remaining Kodak HIE 4x5. I was taking the other folks to see the river overlook when I slipped on some wet grass on a downhill slope. My body went one way, my ankle, a different way. POP! I now have a nasty sprain, my ankle is the size of an orange, and I'm on crutches. The worst part of it is that I now can't get to my darkroom because it is in the basement, where the stairs are narrow, steep and rickety. So now I have a bunch of images on film that I can't check out because I can't get down there to soup them! I really hope they can put me in a walking boot so I can get off these damn crutches and get mobile enough to go back to the darkroom.

Oh, and one more thing- at no point in the injury of this ankle was any camera harmed. The Shen-Hao didn't touch the ground, frankly, it hardly left the vertical position!

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  1. Barry S's Avatar
    What? You can't pop a couple of Vicodins and crawl down the stairs? Seriously--sorry to hear about your accident and we missed you at VisArts this Thursday. You missed seeing my new magic lantern lens and some other cool toys, a nice BTZS talk from Henry and some prints people brought in.
  2. rorye's Avatar
    Ouch! I don't know which is worse, spraining your ankle or having unprocessed images. Hope you see the film soon, and feel better.
  3. colrehogan's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about your injury, Scott! Hope you are feeling better soon.



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