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Darkroom meltdown ( and resurrection )

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by , 07-20-2008 at 10:08 AM (1776 Views)
Well, I had to take my darkroom out of commission for over a month - I had some waterproofing work that had to be done in my basement, and the workmen displaced the stuff that was stored on the wet wall side of the basement into my darkroom. The darkroom is small when empty - 7' x 8'. With the normal working gear in it, there's a 2 1/2' x 7' walkway between the sink and the enlargers/UV unit/paper storage. With all the stuff moved in, there was NO walkway at all. Then, with the construction work, they kicked up a layer of fine orange dust (the soil around here is heavy orange clay, and when it dries out, it turns into a fine powder that gets on everything). The dust coated anything and everything in the darkroom.

After everything was finished, and I had the urge to go back in the darkroom again, I pulled all the stuff out, and started cleaning. This of course involved a lot of running water. I got as far as I could with the first phase of cleaning, turned around, and to my horror, there was water running across the basement floor in front of the basement bathroom. The construction had knocked loose the drainpipe inside the basement wall, and now it was draining across the floor, and not into the drain.

I cut open the drywall this morning, not knowing quite what to expect, fearing lots of moldy insulation and god knows what else. Luckily, the two pipes were just disconnected, and not broken. The insulation in the basement wall stops above the drain pipe, so none of it was wet. All I need to do now is go to Home Despot and get a new PVC pipe connector and some plumbers glue to splice in a new, slightly longer segment so the pipes won't come undone again.


  1. colrehogan's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about this Scott. Hope you get things sorted out soon.
  2. Murray@uptowngallery's Avatar

    Good luck...
  3. darinwc's Avatar
    Glad your back in action. I had a real meldown in my darkroom after my daughter turned on the focusing lamp unbeknowenst to me and it was on all day. Came home to a burnt plastic smell and the head of my beseler 67 completely melted. Guess i got lucky the house didnt catch fire.



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